Our Heritage

Scandia is a Utah-based family office founded on the ideals of our Scandinavian ancestors. The grit, discipline, vision, and values of the ancient Vikings still guide the decisions of our office today.  

Our Legacy

Our family office has a legacy of building value through long-term, thoughtful investments. We are your outsourced solution for managing the finances and investments of your businesses. Compared to alternative types of funding, Scandia has a higher level of investment flexibility. Our team consists of established, proven business owners with experience building and scaling companies from the ground up. We understand that company growth isn’t linear and know what strategies are required to scale.

Our Family

At Scandia, family is our foremost priority. Our rigorous focus on outcomes never overshadows the people we partner with. When you partner with us, you become part of the Scandia family. Our family is an ideal mentorship program committed to helping you build investment success, financial fortitude, and a lasting legacy.

Partner With Us

Symbols of Scandia

Symbols played an important role in Viking culture. Today, Scandia has inherited these great marks as a badge of honor to salute our ancestry and bear their symbolism in our business.


The Vikings were one of the greatest shipbuilders in history, and their longships were technologically ahead of their time. Their faster, lighter, and more streamlined, state-of-the-art ships could travel farther than any other in the world. Just as our forebears built longships for extended journeys, our approach is built to support your business for the long term.


The Valknut is one of the most prominent and popular Viking symbols. Also known as Odin’s knot, it represents the cycle of life. We’ve adorned the symbol to honor our families and the efforts of providing for them.

Triple Horn of Odin

Three interlocking horns symbolize wisdom and inspiration. Our team knows that great ideas inspire people to take meaningful action. Therefore, we continually strive to grow our wisdom to help our partners make inspired decisions.


Thor protected people against chaos with his hammer. Mjölnir stands for protection. At Scandia Family Office in Salt Lake, we help our partners build financial protection.