Rudy & Jena Larsen


Rudy and Jena Larsen are the founders of Scandia Family, a private family office for business assets and real estate. They are the primary owners and operators of the business. Scandia family office achieves high growth returns and successfully scales companies through rigorous discipline while remaining compassionate and partner-focused. When the Larsens started their first business 15 years ago, they committed that all growth and capital investments be provided solely by net profits from operating companies. They continue this wise financial practice today with all of their partners. Their most successful exit achieved a return on investment of 120,000% or roughly 11,000% per year. Growth metrics were achieved with no external equity or cash, and all growth was provided by cash flow from the business and debt.

Scandia Family, LLC originated in Utah and is a Utah-centric company currently headquartered in Centerville, Utah. Rudy, Jena, and their team have decades of experience and a strong reputation in the real estate, construction, construction services, and irrigation technology industries. In addition, the Larsens and the Scandia family have a passion for creating a culture of putting people first and abiding by its other core values of Leadership, Brand, Service, and Innovation. These values have helped the Scandia Family Private Equity and Real Estate Companies to grow to include numerous operating entities, real estate holdings of 9+ figures, a diversified investment portfolio, 300+ employees while still experiencing well-timed, successful exits.

As Scandia has continued to grow, it has been fully funded by revenues provided from real estate investments and operating companies. In recent years, the company has invested heavily into real estate holdings, additional growth equity, and low to middle-market operating companies.