Considerations Before Partnering With A Family Office

When a business hears about a “Family Office” investor, it may sound like the perfect fit for your company due to the individual approach tailored to you and the flexibility it offers. However, there are many key considerations to take into account before partnering with a family office:

The above just scratches the surface of the questions you should ask about any potential investor, especially if they are a family office like Scandia Partners. And don’t be surprised if the investor also does research on you and your business. Be sure to be prepared to answer questions and know your business inside and out. It’s not like Shark Tank, but you can bet that many investors will only give you a certain amount of grace if you miss questions about things like financials or other key metrics of measuring the success of your business.

We hope that regardless of where you go, you find the right fit. We also hope that Scandia is on your radar. We have a proven track record of nurturing and growing businesses like Smart Rain and Rubicon Contractors. We would love to bring new businesses and services into the fold if it’s a good fit for the family. Learn more about our proven track record by taking a peek at Scandia Partners.