How Customer Service Can Make or Break Your Business

One of the first things we ask potential partners is what their company values are. What is the culture within your business? And then we ask what their customers would say their company values are. Before bringing a new business into the Scandia Family, we go over our deep commitment to customer service and what it can mean for their business.

Customer Service is a make-or-break for any business. From big tech companies to startups from the service industry to anywhere in between, it’s the one link in the chain that can send ripples through your business. It all starts on the front lines with good training. Is your team empowered to solve problems for customers? Do you have a strong training program to help ensure that guests or customers are all treated in the same, positive way? 

The word “empower” comes into play especially in times of addressing negative or difficult situations with customers. How you handle a negative customer experience reflects on the entire company. Negative experiences should be viewed as “opportunities” to create loyal customers by handling a difficult situation with grace and providing excellent customer service. We often find that if individual team members are empowered to handle some guest needs, it can resolve situations quickly and positively. 

The type of customer service training we are talking about to yield the above results has to be consistent. What if we told you this training will not only help improve interactions with guests but also help you with employee retention? It’s true, investing in your employees and their customer service training will help keep them part of the team.

Don’t forget that a positive customer service culture comes from the top down. Don’t exhibit behaviors or interactions with customers that are outside of your customer service training. After all, your employees are always watching.

Let’s talk more about how Scandia can be not only a partner in your businesses’ financial success but also help you grow and cultivate your team. Contact us via this form and a member of the Scandia family will reach out to you promptly.