How do you know if a family office is right for you?

A Family Business Office Investment Strategy often looks very different than traditional firms. Our partners at Scandia know that we don’t view you just as dollars and cents, but as part of the Scandia family. Your success is our success and we’re going to work hands-on with you to achieve our shared goals for your business and revenue growth. So how do you know if a family office is right for you?

First of all, are you looking for a one-on-one relationship with your investors? Or would you prefer a more transactional relationship? Traditional funding methods like loans from banks or business lines of credit are a viable source of funding but do not provide much beyond that. At a family investment office like Scandia, you’ll find partners more interested in your success than just the bottom line -- though that is important, too.

Mentorship is a key part of the Scandia Partners family business office model. If you’re looking for one-on-one mentorship from proven leaders in business and product development, a family office is a no-brainer. Let’s face it, you’re just not going to get the same level of personal interest from a huge bank or firm.

If you’re looking for flexibility, a family office can provide that sort of leeway. Oftentimes, we understand where our partners are at in their business life cycle. Family business offices like Scandia are much more likely to provide flexibility with your goals and timeline in helping make sure you succeed. 

Finally, make sure that your core values and passions align closely with those of the family office. Do these partners have a proven track record with a company similar to yours? Does a partner at Scandia have background and knowledge in an area that you know is a deficit for your team right now? We’ve found that when our partners are all moving in the same direction -- working as one family -- our businesses are more successful for it.