How Family Offices are Changing the Business Funding Game

Family office investments are shaking up the business funding game and offering an attractive alternative to the cut-and-dry bottom-line decisions pushed by Venture Capitalist firms. There are many reasons to consider a Family Office like Scandia Partners. 

Ultimate Flexibility

The biggest standout about looking for funding from a Family Office is the flexibility if offers. Family offices are able to cut through the red-tape of the funding process to identify potential partners to fund. Oftentimes, family offices are able to fund businesses from varying backgrounds and levels in the business pipeline. It’s definitely the case in the Scandia family, where we look more at the values of a particular business rather than sector or certain bottom lines. 

Purpose-Driven Mentorship

A family office of course does look at ROI or return on investment, but there are so many more metrics than traditional funding methods. Family offices are looking for business partners whose values align with their own. When Scandia chooses to invest in your business, it’s not just your returns that we are looking for. We want to help you scale through more than dollars. We offer mentorship, expertise and support outside of the monetary investment to make sure you meet mutual growth goals to support you in more ways than one. 

A Different End-Game Strategy

Many Venture Capitalists are just looking at your business in terms of dollars and cents. Their exit strategy is simple -- scale the business so it can be acquired later. This means firm deadlines and contracts that require them to be bought out at some point. Don’t put this pressure on your business or team. Family offices are far more flexible and many of our holdings are looked at as permanent assets.  We are a long-term funder that will be there through the stages and cycles of your business to give guidance along the way.

An Alternative for Start-Up Concepts

Some concepts that would not be considered by VCF (Venture Capitalist Firms) would be considered by a Family Office. We look at businesses not just to turn a profit, but to respect the human element and bring value to the investment.

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