Scale Your Service Company The Scandia Way

Scale Your Service Company The Scandia Way

Scandia prides itself on being family-oriented.  Family values are the center of Scandia’s mentorship to its partners.  Scandia talks to their partners and not at them.  When it comes to scaling companies, Scandia’s proven track record includes companies such as Rubicon Contractors, Smart Rain, and Lawn Butler.  Even if you’re not part of the Scandia family, we can share a few tips of the trade as you pursue your business goals. Here are our tenants of scaling your service company:

#1 – Communication. Communication is essential to our ability to mentor our partners with a focus on profitability and scalability. Proper communication both internally within your business, and externally to customers and with your partners, is crucial. Without a good understanding of long-term goals, you will never achieve your vision. We can’t stress the importance of over-communication and keeping open channels, always.

#2 – Work Ethic. You and your leadership team must have the discipline to put in the work to scale your business. It’s true, you are no longer only worried about your client, but also about your investors. In the case of Scandia, it’s a good thing because we are your Scandia Partners family. We are here to help, but don’t expect a blank check. Rigorous work means being willing to put in the hours to scale your business.

#3 – Technology. It’s one of the things that set our Smart Rain business apart. Technology is at the forefront of having a business reach new potential clients and create maximum productivity. Scandia understands this and encourages all its partners to use innovative technology to scale their business. Oftentimes, technology can solve problems or fulfill the needs that an existing business has. Scandia will help guide partners through it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in this area or to find a trusted partner.

Scandia has many methods to scale businesses but it will always believe in building up the partner first because partners are family to Scandia.  If a partnership is only about profitability, then the scalability of long-term goals is limited. Scandia wants to continually help its partners grow the business of their dreams. If any of the above sounds like it aligns with your goals, reach out so we can start the conversation about your business.