Smart Rain Achievements

Scandia Partners has a proven track record of running successful business operations. We know the challenges faced while growing and scaling a business from conception to reality. Look no further than the Scandia founders’ own company, Smart Rain, as a great story of success that is still reaping rewards and helping conserve water.

Smart Rain was founded in 2012 by Rudy & Jena Larson for the sole purpose of conserving water.  This once-small local business has now become an international company with an impressive water-saving record.  In 2021 alone, an estimated 1.2 billion gallons of water was conserved remotely by Smart Rain team members, partners, and customers who made over 87,000 water adjustments.  This resulted in saving over 100,000 onsite man-hours that would have otherwise been needed.  Remote access by Smart Rain allowed for over 45,000 adjustments alone to be made for localized weather conditions which dwarfed the water conservation in 2019 by 300%!

How exactly does remote access by Smart Rain allow you to conserve water and ultimately save money? It all started with the development of advanced tech to allow you to see real-time how much water is being used on your commercial property, the cost. Most importantly, it can help you reduce water consumption during times like inclement weather all from a remote access system. Smart Rain technology is compatible with retail spaces, parks, recreation areas, and office complexes.

So what does this mean for future potential partners? It means that Scandia has a proven track record of success and a roadmap for growth. Smart Rain is proud to say that the City of Las Vegas, Nevada, Cushman & Wakefield (one of the largest real estate/property management companies in the world), Zion Bank, and national defense and space companies have all benefited from the Smart Rain irrigation system. If you’re looking for a positive partner who is proven at successfully scaling high-growth businesses, contact us today to become part of the Scandia family.