Startup Checklist for Your First Round of Funding

The first round of funding can often be make or break for a business. It’s important to have your “elevator pitch” ready like on Shark Tank, but so much more goes into the behind the scenes to put your best foot forward before potential investors. We’ve put together a tried-and-true checklist for preparing for your first round of funding:

Once you have prepared all of the above and done your research, ask yourself the ultimate question: “What investors best align with your goals and values?” There’s no need to approach a certain firm if you believe their values conflict with your own. When it comes to this phase, we hope you will consider Scandia Partners. We are a family-first company working hard with our partners to add value with investments, positive reinforcement and our decades of scaling businesses and growing profits. If this sounds like we might be a fit for you, fill out our contact form today at this link.