Top Investment Tips from a Successful Family Office

When someone starts a new business, looks to grow an existing one, or is looking to make an investment, there is really only one method that is truly effective. No matter what strategic or financial advice you receive, nothing will ever replace the basics - hard work, discipline and rigor.

Scandia is a private family office accomplished in achieving high growth returns and successfully scaling companies through rigorous discipline while remaining compassionate and partner-centered. We have learned a few things over the years, but the one thing that rises is above it all is dedication to these key basic principles.

Unlike venture capital and private equity firms, family offices have unparalleled flexibility in who we fund, how we fund them, and what we deem a successful investment. We are not limited to a handful of investment options. We are a private wealth management company specializing in real estate holdings and investments in service-related companies, but we have the latitude to invest in any project or investment opportunity that we feel aligns with our core values and will result in a mutually beneficial investor-partner relationship.

This flexibility is also key in looking at a new business venture. Making sure your goals and basic culture align with your investors is critical to the overall success of your business. What it all boils down to is simple. Look for the opportunities that make the most sense, partner with people to understand your business and your culture, and then put your heart and soul into the new pursuit. Sounds easy? Not exactly.  It takes a strong work ethic and commitment to a disciplined approach to make a business thrive, but if you follow these practical rules, you’ll be surprised how quickly the stars align. 

At Scandia, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. We have a proven track record of achieving high returns and successfully scaling businesses all while remaining compassionate and empathetic with our partners, business operators and real estate developers. We do not approach our investments as returns at all costs endeavors, but rather foster environments that maximize profitability by respecting the human element that is inherent in all partnerships. We put our expertise to work to add value to each and every investment.

When you are ready to put our expertise to work, give us a call.