What Does a Family Office Look for in a Potential Investment?

As we know, family offices are typically looking for investments that are based on their interests, experience and values. Alignment with the family office and their mission, vision and values is very important to make sure that there is a mutually beneficial investor-partner relationship. The family office will look to invest and support businesses that share these same common threads.  


Family offices look for investments in high-growth partnerships in order to build scalable companies. It is important that the emphasis for these investments also align whether the focus is in technology, service or other industries. The family office has the ability to invest in any project or investment opportunity that they feel aligns with their core values, but it is important that the end result is one that can show growth over time in order to become a strong investor-partner relationship. 

Team Approach

Every potential investor says they are focused on a full team approach, but that is never more true than in the case of the family office.  What makes the investment work so well is that the family office puts as much time and energy into their investment on their end as the business does on theirs.  The family office will look for this team environment in order to help better grow and understand the new business they are investing in, and the business will receive the benefit of a ready-made team that is already in their corner 


The family office will always appreciate the entrepreneurs who take the time to research their potential investors.  Those who come to the table prepared automatically show that they are ready to be a team player. And more than that, a business can only show that they are aligned with the core values and missions of a family office by knowing in advance where they invest and spend their time and money. Here are some helpful tips for pitching to a family office and creating a business plan.

Maximum Benefits

Family offices do not just approach investments based on returns or profit margins, but rather foster environments that maximize profitability for all involved by respecting the human element that is inherent in all partnerships. The goal of most family offices is to cultivate long-term relationships, because they would much rather have long-term relationships with potential for future growth rather than one time investments. The alignment of core values from the onset goes a long way in paving the way for a long and successful partnership.

At Scandia, we are a family office working to assist entrepreneurs through thoughtful, long-term investments. We maintain a high standard of excellence while also understanding that we are partnering with real people. Above all, we strive to be flexible and adaptable while relentlessly pursuing excellence. If you would like more information on family offices and how they like to invest in partnerships, just let us know, we are ready to start a conversation.