Why a Family Office Might Be Right For You

Capital is at the heart of any business - new or old. Finding capital can be the tricky part. Thankfully, family offices like Scandia are here to fill the gaps left by venture capitalist firms and traditional banks – which just don’t fit every business. 

The Family Office Approach to Financing

At Scandia Partners, the family office setting is ingrained in everything we do. Family Offices generally manage the portfolio of high net-worth individuals. We work with a number of successful businesses and have a proven track-record of building upon and nourishing their success. Scandia is of course concerned about your businesses balance sheet, but we also partner with businesses we know offer more than just their numbers.

Value Alignment

Scandia Partners always puts family first. That’s why we think our investments become so successful. We understand the value business operators and employees bring – in fact, we view our business operators as an extension of the Scandia Family. It’s not just about throwing money at something to make it work. We know that hard-work and a People-First mentality is what can lead to success alongside a capital investment. Does it sound like your values align with ours? Then our family office could be for you.

Unique Focus

Many Family Offices focus on a particular segment of businesses or goals. At Scandia, it’s generally service-related and tech-enabled companies. If your business overlaps with these two in any way, you’ll find the experience with a Family Office like Scandia can offer invaluable support for the growth of your business. However, we don’t just work with these two types of businesses.


The absolute most important reason to choose a Family Office when seeking funding is the flexibility offered. Scandia can be agile. Do you have a manager in need of leadership training to increase productivity? Our team can help provide that. Do you need logistics support to make it through a particular challenge? Our team can help provide it. Family Offices are agile. At Scandia, you can always pick up the phone and call us. It’s one of the reasons we want you to be part of the Scandia Family. 

Navigating funding can be a huge challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. A family office can be a good fit for a lot of businesses and startups. Press the contact button if you’d like to learn more about Scandia Partners and the family difference that gives us an edge over venture capital and private equity firms.