Scandia Company

At Scandia Company, we take the approach that crosses oceans. We are a family office with a proven track record of building value through long-term, thoughtful investments in real estate holdings.

Our approach to properties

We believe that real estate should be first class. We invest in properties that edify and elevate their surroundings and the people who inhabit them. Real estate is not an investment in just the physical property — it is an investment in the growth and future of your company. 

As a family office, family is at the core of every decision we make. Our real estate partners are an extension of that family. We take a long-term, partner-centric approach to our investment decisions, always holding people and family at the core.

Real estate holdings


Centerville + Utah





Our family difference

Unlike venture capital and private equity firms, family offices have unparalleled flexibility in who we fund, how we fund them, and what we deem a successful investment. We are not limited to a handful of investment options. We are a private wealth management company specializing in real estate holdings and investments in service-related companies, but we have the latitude to invest in any project or investment opportunity that we feel aligns with our core values and will result in a mutually beneficial investor-partner relationship.

At Scandia Company, we have a proven track record of achieving high returns, investing in successful real estate properties and scaling high growth businesses all while remaining compassionate and empathetic with our partners. We do not approach our investments as returns at all costs endeavors, but rather foster environments that maximize profitability by respecting the human element that is inherent in all partnerships. We put our expertise to work to add value to each and every investment.