Rigorous, not ruthless

Scandia is a family office accomplished in achieving high growth returns and successfully scaling companies through rigorous discipline while remaining compassionate and partner-centered.

Passion is at our core

Unlike many venture capitalists and private equity firms, family is at our core. While we value discipline and returns, we are focused on family and people. We have high standards but understand that life happens and we are empathetic to our operators and developers when extenuating circumstances arise. At Scandia, you are not viewed as a spreadsheet or set of financials — you are an extended member of our family. As with any family member, we hold our partners accountable through a lens of understanding and mutual respect.

We take the unconventional approach of being unapologetically partner-centered. We are fiercely passionate about working together with our partners to build great companies by adding value through our investments, positive reinforcement, and our decades of successfully scaling businesses and growing profits. We have the unique advantage of being accomplished business operators with a keen understanding of the obstacles you will face as your company scales. We have been where you are and can bring a level of expertise that enables you to overcome your challenges in order to build a lasting and successful business.

Leadership and Advisors







The family difference

Unlike venture capital and private equity firms, family offices have unparalleled flexibility in who we fund, how we fund them, and what we deem a successful investment. We are not limited to a handful of investment options. We are a private wealth management company specializing in real estate holdings and investments in service-related companies, but we have the latitude to invest in any project or investment opportunity that we feel aligns with our core values and will result in a mutually beneficial investor-partner relationship.

At Scandia, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. We have a proven track record of achieving high returns and successfully scaling businesses all while remaining compassionate and empathetic with our partners, business operators, and real estate developers. We do not approach our investments as returns at all costs endeavors, but rather foster environments that maximize profitability by respecting the human element that is inherent in all partnerships. We put our expertise to work to add value to each and every investment.

Scandia families

As a family office, we are the epitome of flexibility and use that latitude to invest in a wide variety of investment opportunities.

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