What Does a Family Office Bring to the Table?

Family offices are increasingly popular for businesses because they are held to the same standards as banks, finance firms, and other capital groups. Family offices also bring a unique alignment with your core values so they are able to bring more value and flexibility to the table for your business. 

Long-term investment 

Family offices typically would much rather have long-term relationships than one-and-done investments. This makes this time of partnership a win, win for both parties, and this is one of the main reasons that it is imperative that your goals line up with the family office’s interests and values. If those basic interests align, this is an attractive long-term investment for both parties.


The family office also brings a mentorship to entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses. A key benefit that a family office has to offer is the experience that it can impart to the entrepreneur. Because the founder and entrepreneur are often already aligned, the mentorship relationship can prove to be invaluable. As anyone who has started their own business can tell you, there are so many questions and challenges that arise in those first years of business. Having someone in your corner, who thinks the way you think and has the hindsight of having already walked in your shoes, can be an enormous benefit to your business. 

Flexibility and Adaptability

Family offices also provide much more flexibility and adaptability to a business. They work to foster environments that maximize profitability for all involved by respecting the human element that is inherent in all partnerships. The focus in this case is to view each relationship as a partnership where both sides bring value to the overall goal. Family offices can add value to each and every investment and help their partners conquer obstacles that may arise as well.

At Scandia, being a family office allows us to maintain a high standard of excellence while also understanding that we are partnering with real people. Above all, we strive to be flexible and adaptable while relentlessly pursuing excellence. 

If this vision aligns with your business, reach out to us to start a conversation. We are proud of our thoughtful partnerships and investments. You can learn more about our current investments by viewing our partnership portfolio and real estate holdings.